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Film Actor Shaheen Alam, the story of a good man

Shahin Alam & Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman
Shahin Alam & Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman

Film Actor Shaheen Alam, the story of a good man.
This story is not of the actor, but of the humanist Shaheen Alam
Almost everyone knows Shaheen Alam, the actor of more than one and a half hundred Dhaka movies. But beyond this identity, the story of another humane Shaheen Alam came to light after his death.

Shaheen Alam died at 10:05 pm on Monday while on life support at Azgar Ali Hospital in the capital. Then Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman gave him a status in his memory. Who was the tutor of Shaheen Alam’s son when he was a student.

Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman wrote in the status, ‘Towards the end of that university life, it was becoming very difficult for my father to pay for my education. I used to run my own expenses by educating Shaheen Alam’s son. He had a home in Maghbazar. Then he went to Niketan’s glittering flat, I fall in trouble. I used to come from that Jahangirnagar by noon bus, get off at Asadgate, go to Gulshan-1 by Tempo and then walk to Niketan . Not Niketan like now, It has just started constructing home. Stay tuned for that autobiography. ‘

Mushfiqur further writes in the story, ‘When I taught the child, most of the days I did not have lunch, I had to run to Jahangirnagar to catch the bus at 2.30. That Jahangirnagar to Niketan. Raw road. The Mohakhali flyover is under construction. It is a third world war. I had to return at night after teaching.

let’s have that talk too. One day Mr. Shaheen Alam’s mother came and saw that I had eaten a few biscuits with tea in an instant, I was extremely tired and hungry though I had no idea. From the next day onwards a variety of snacks would come. The giant would satisfy his hunger. One day Shaheen Alam Saheb in a black suit saw me walking back to Niketan in tears at night. I was like more interested in food than teaching. Next day Shahin Alam observe both (me & my student) of us and go to another room without saying a word. ‘

Kazi Mushfiqur Rahman concludes the story of the humanist Shaheen Alam in this way, ‘From then until the time I gave the Masters, as long as Fahim was probably the boy’s name, I tuition for him that rice would come with bahari curry as breakfast. At night, his shiny car would go down the Assad Gate most days to catch the 8 o’clock bus to the university. I did not have to ask him for an increase in salary! You know a man with such infinite compassion as an actor. And I know him as a shelter of hungry man in the shadow of absolute compassion. It would not be thought like you. Shaheen Alam, may Allah keep you in peace. Amen.’

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