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শনিবার, ২৩ অক্টোবর ২০২১, ০৮:১৪ অপরাহ্ন

Book lovers in a wide range of comfort

Book lovers in a wide range of comfort
Book lovers in a wide range of comfort

Book lovers in a wide range of comfort.
The door of the book fair opened a little earlier at 11 pm on Friday. This is just the beginning of the fair, it is a holiday, so it has taken some time for the book lovers to gather. The two premises of the fair, Bangla Academy and Suhrawardy Udyan, became very crowded during the day. Of course, even after this, there was a lot of emptiness. This is because this time the book fair has been organized with almost twice as much space as before. In such a difficult time of corona virus epidemic, book lovers can avoid the crowd and touch the book. Even if it is empty

The visitors were relieved.
The Bangla Academy and the historic Suhrawardy Udyan have been visited and preparations are still underway on the second day of the fair. The construction of two pavilions and four shelters has not been completed yet. In some places the work of providing electricity connection is also left. However, there is no shortage at every entrance of the fair even though the preparations inside are not over. A group of young people are standing there checking the body temperature of the visitors, sanitizing their hands and making sure that they have a face mask to enter the fair.

Mike is being called from the information center after a while so that no one walks around the fair without a mask. In this, the book lovers have been seen walking around the fair in relief after overcoming the fear of infection of Kovid 19.

Most of the people who came to the fair yesterday spent their time wandering around and chatting. The busyness of turning the pages of the book was not seen in the stall. Popular publications have not yet emerged as well. But the most exceptional scene was in the ‘other genre’. As if all the lights of the fair have come and crowded there.
At one end of Amar Ekushey Book Fair, there is a stall of other publications. There is no eye-catching decoration that will catch everyone’s eye.

But the reader has recognized the other side by going through the alleys of the fair. What’s in there? Who is the center of the complex? Sadat Hossain, the ever-smiling poet and novelist, was seen moving forward with such curiosity. The crowd centered on him. Even in the afternoon, the match between the fans, readers and writers did not stop. Fans and readers were standing in line and Sadat Hossain was spending his time through one autograph and photograph after another. Pushing such a sweet crowd, we talked to Sadat Hossain.

Asked how he felt at the fair, he said with a natural smile, “I always think that the greatest achievement of a writer is the reader.” From there, I consider myself lucky. Because, I’ve got the love of countless readers. Sadat said that this time his three novels and a book of poems have come. From the other genre came ‘Shesh Addhay Nei’, from the first came the book of poems ‘Viva and Vivrom’, from another publication came the novel ‘Tumar Naame Sondha Naame’. After finishing his speech, he looked forward to the glass tower of Suhrawardy Udyan, a place associated with the memory of March 7. As the sun leans into the western sky, light is emitted from the glass tower. That light is spreading throughout the fair. Then the book fair which started in the month of independence became meaningful.

According to the Bangla Academy, 55 new books arrived yesterday. A discussion program titled ‘Golden Jubilee of Independence: Bangabandhu’s historic speech on March 7’ was held on the main stage of the book fair at 4 pm. In the main article, Subhash Singh Roy said that Bangabandhu gave his speech on March 7 without any preparation. Yet there was no hesitation or repetition in the words he uttered. This speech of Bangabandhu was one of the main motivations of the war of liberation. During the war of liberation, even after independence, that speech has been invigorating and invigorating us. This speech is a thunderous declaration against all kinds of injustice. Not only has the speech served as our inspiration in the days of the Liberation War, but it will also be a direction for future generations.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Syed Anwar Hossain said that Bangabandhu’s speech on March 7 was a strong declaration of independence of Bangladesh. This speech is basically Sindhu to the point. Through this speech of the epic consonant, the undisputed leader of Bengal organized the nation in the coming war of liberation and inspired the conviction of victory. In fact, it was through this speech that the liberation war of the Bengalis began. Arma Dutt MP and Nasir Uddin Yusuf took part in the discussion.

Besides, Ranjana Biswas, Ashraf Jewel and Moinul Hasan discussed their books in the program ‘Lekhak Balchi’ yesterday. Today, the fair will run from 11 am to 9 pm on Saturday. A discussion program titled ‘Golden Jubilee of Independence: Declaration of Independence’ will be held on the main stage of the book fair at 4 pm. Abul Momen will present the article. Abul Kashem and Abdul Mannan Chowdhury will discuss. Barrister Amir-ul Islam will preside.

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