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Do not do these at public transport

norms should follow at public transport
norms should follow at public transport

Do not do these at public transport.
Everyone has to take public transport for daily work. Most people in urban areas use public transport. But many do not know what to do when traveling by public transport. Due to this, quarrels took place on the roads at different times. From the quarrel, there were clashes and from there a big clash started. I will tell you about the things that should not be done when using public transport.

Do not peel the nuts outside

Do not take off the peel of various fruits including nuts, cough-cold, chips-chocolate sticks from public transport. This pollutes the environment. Many people in Bangladesh do not accept the issue and throw away the peel of nuts or leftovers of food through the bus window. This is a big crime in the eyes of environmentalists.

Keep the pockets carefully

Take care of your wallet, mobile and many other personal things from the hands of pickpockets. Make sure no one can reach into your pocket. Valuable items are more likely to be stolen if you are uncomfortable with public transport. Refrain from using expensive mobile or iPhone.

Do not sit in the seats of women, children and the disabled

Many people want to sit in the 9 seats reserved for women, children and the disabled in public transport. Whatever the motive, many get into arguments with women over this. Mainly for women, children and the disabled, men should not be seated as prescribed by the public transport authorities.

Don’t argue about rent

Most people on the bus argue with the conductor and helper about the fare. Many also fight. But it is reasonable to pay the rent fixed by the authorities. This should not be debated.

Do not rest your head on the passenger’s shoulder while sleeping

Many fell asleep on public transport. But while sleeping they put their heads on the shoulders of others. This is embarrassing for the passenger and because of this the passenger can be harassed in various ways. Also the sound of snoring while sleeping is a nuisance to other passengers.

Don’t get on the bus without stoppage

Can’t get on the bus without scheduled stop. This is against the principles of public transport. Many people in Dhaka city do not want to reach the stop lazily. Want to get on the bus outside the scheduled stop. It is not right to get on the bus without stopping.

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