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Fans have not forgotten the actress Divya Bharati

Fans have not forgotten the actress Divya Bharati

Fans have not forgotten the actress Divya Bharati
Fans have not forgotten the actress Divya Bharati

Fans have not forgotten the actress Divya Bharati even after the 28 years of her death.
Came to Bollywood like a meteor in the early nineties, then left like a meteor. Film connoisseurs still think of him. As soon as her name is mentioned, a lot of frustration and regret arises in the eyes of the people of Bollywood. The one we are talking about is Divya Om Prakash Bharatiya. That is Divya Bharati. Today is his 26th death anniversary. She passed away on April 5, 1993 at the age of 19. She was one of the most talked about actresses of that time.

Many young people and teenagers of the present generation may not recognize him that way. Because Divya passed away 27 years ago. If you want to know about Divya, you have to look back a little. Divya made her Bollywood debut in 1992 with ‘Bishwatma’. He had earlier ventured into the silver world in 1990 with the film ‘Babli Raja’. That is, his journey began with this Telugu film. Although Vidya was born in Juhu, Mumbai. Not Bollywood, at that time he presented one hit film after another to the Telugu industry. He acted in ‘Nila Peni’, ‘Na Ille Na Sargam’, ‘Rowdy Alladu’, ‘Assembly Rowdy’ and ‘Dharmakshetram’. Telugu became so popular with the audience that a temple named after Divya was inaugurated in Tamil Nadu.

Sunny Deol was opposite Vidya in the 1992 Bollywood film ‘Vishwatma’. The film was released on January 2 of that year. The film came into the limelight with its performances and songs. In particular, the song ‘Sat Samundar’ is still in the hearts of the audience. Even a song of Salman Shah and Sonia was portrayed in a Bangladeshi film by imitating the melody and lyrics of this song. The song was ‘Crossing the Blue Sea’. After that, Divya started signing contracts one after another. Renowned filmmaker Lawrence de Souza’s romantic film ‘Dil Kiya Kasur’ stars Prithvi opposite him. David Dhawan’s ‘Shole Or Shabnam’ released in March 1992. Govinda was against him. But the turning point was the movie ‘Deewana’ opposite Shah Rukh Khan. This is one of the most successful business pictures of that year.

Shah Rukh Khan also won the award as the best debut hero. The song that still moves everyone in the film is ‘Aayase Diwane Hi ’ and soon after, Divya started to have an exclusive dominance. In the first half of 1992 and 1993, he acted in 14 Hindi films, which is still his record as a Bollywood debut.
Divya’s last released film while alive is ‘Khataria’. Besides, 3 more pictures of him were released after his death. In one of the films, actress Ramba portrayed her character. These 3 pictures were dubbed by another actress. He also had several more pictures in his hand. Such as: – Ladla (after her death Sridevi was taken against Anil Kapoor), Mohra (after her death Ravina was taken against Akshay Kumar), Andolan (after her death Ravina was taken against Sanjay Dutt).

On April 5, 1993, at 11.45 pm, Divya fell from the 5th floor balcony of the Tulsi apartment in Mumbai. He died on the spot. His funeral was held two days later. Big stars of Bollywood attended his funeral. But there are many curiosities and questions about Divya’s death. Some say it’s not an accident, maybe a murder. There were even allegations against her husband Sajid Nadiwala. Some again point fingers at the mafia dons.

Whether the matter is true or false, the buzz is fast enough at that time. In 1998, the Mumbai Police submitted a final report stating that Divya’s death was due to an accident.
In our country, the death of the late actor Salman Shah is as mysterious as the death of Divya. A recent survey has once again shown how popular Divya Bharati is today. An Indian company conducted a survey on YouTube. It is seen that the songs of the movie starring Divya Bharati are one of the songs that people are still looking for or watching in the 90’s. Fans expect Divya Bharati to survive in the midst of these songs.

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