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Film Actress Moonmoon wants to get married again

Film Actress Moonmoon wants to get married again

bengali film actress moonmoon wants to get married
bengali film actress moonmoon wants to get married

Moonmoon wants to get married again

Film actress Moonmoon said that she is fine after the separation. Now his happy family with children. She got divorced in July last year. She wants to forget that past and move forward. If she finds a good person with a good mind, She can get married at any time of the year or next year.

Moonmoon’s stage show closed when the lockdown began last year. She fell into financial crisis with her two children. The actress alleged that her husband Mosharraf Hossain did not cooperate in such a situation. Their family is broken by long-term values ​​centered on family expenses and children. Since then she has been living a separate life with his children.

The actress said, now she is much happier with her two children. There is no more unrest in the world. She is continuing his family with difficulty. Thinking about starting a new family. In this context, She said, ‘There are plans for marriage. Life does not stop for anyone. Life will go on like life. ‘

The actress thinks that what happened in her life happens in the life of many artists. According to him, the lives of artists are a bit random. Even then, like all artists, she dreams of arranging his life. She left the marriage to the future.

Moonmoon said the quarrel with the ex-husband started after having the first child in the married life. Moonmoon claims her husband did not want to have children. After the birth of that child, the tension in their relationship continues to grow. Moonmoon said, ‘I am happy now that I have moved away from my previous family.’ Moonmoon said that her family was running on her own. She used to do stage shows regularly. She used to support her family with that. Now she is somehow taking the children with the money she has saved.

Moonmoon announced her retirement from acting after the divorce. She later changed her mind about the children. Because she needs money to make children human. Last September, she acted in the film ‘Agun Ar Koto tuku Pore’. This was the last performance. She has three movie works in her hands.

Those movies are unfinished. She said that if the government allows him to perform on stage again, She will do regular circus shows. With that income she may be able to live better. She said that many comedians, dancers and magicians have decided to change their profession as the stage show is closed. Many are having a hard time.

Earlier, in 2003, she married a businessman from Sylhet and moved to the United Kingdom. They separated in 2008. Back in the country, she started working in the field of entertainment again. Going to perform in the journey, she got acquainted with Mosharraf Hossain. She married Musharraf in 2009. After two years of marriage, their distance began to build. They have two sons named Salman and Yash. They are 8 and 10 years old respectively. Both of them live with their mother.

In the context of returning to work, she said, from now on she wants to act more in artistic quality films.

Moonmoon, daughter of Raozan of Chittagong. She was born in Iraq in the service of his father Syed Bazal Ahmed. She remained there till she was 6 years old. Then her father came and joined the sugar mill in Natore. Moonmoon was admitted to the first school there. After a year she moved to Dhaka paltan. Admitted to Wills Little Flower School.

Munmun used to dream of becoming a movie heroine after watching Shabnaz, Shabnurs. At one time she also became a heroine. After completing ‘O’ level in 1996, Ehtesham was contacted through a known relative. Moonmoon made her film debut in 1997 with Ehtesham directed ‘Moumachi’. ‘Tarzan Konna’ came into the discussion with the film. And the film ‘Rani Keno Dakat’ turned the situation of her life. But the fate did not seem to be good for her. Although she has acted in films, her films have also been commercially successful, but her image is negative to the audience. That is why Moonmoon moved away from the world of cinema after getting married in 2003 out of anger.

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