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Graphics Design as career

Graphics Design as career
Graphics Design as career

Graphics Design as career is much prospective. Graphic design is in great demand at home and abroad. Those who can work in graphics can take it as a profession. Because there are different types of job opportunities in multi-purpose organizations for the experts in this field. You can get jobs in advertising agencies, TV channels, pre-press, press and corporate houses. Can work in Junior Visualizer / Designer, Senior Visualizer / Designer, Art Director, Creative Director etc. Besides, graphic designers are now required in almost all types of government and non-government organizations including various fashion houses. And graphic design is one of the most sought after jobs in the online marketplace. So it is safe to say that graphics design is a very reliable and promising profession.

A graphic designer is responsible for creating different images, designs or visual content according to the needs of the customer and the type of project. From advertising to magazines – there is a demand for this profession in almost all fields nowadays.

Those who can work with patience and interest, those who have creativity and the ability to operate other electronics devices, including computers – I think they can do well in this sector. However, like other sectors, there is no alternative to hard work.

A graphic designer at a glance

General Title: Graphic Designer
Category: Creative Careers
Type of organization: government, private, private firm, company, freelancing
Career type: full-time, part-time, contract-based
Level: Entry, Mid
Experience limit at entry level: 0 – 2 years
Possible average salary at entry level: Tk. 15,000 – Tk. 20,000
Possible age limit at entry level: 20 – 25 years

Key Skills: Creative Thinking, Drawing Skills, Design Software Proficiency
Special skills: communication skills, problem solving skills

Where does a graphic designer work?
In government projects, where there is marketing or visual reporting work;
In private projects;
In private firms or companies, such as advertising agencies;

What kind of work does a graphic designer do?
Get a clear idea of ​​the needs of the client or organization and keep in touch until the whole work is done;
Creating the initial layout of the design;
Designing graphics, animation or digital photography for the project;
Presenting the initial design to the client or organization;
Maintaining design consistency with the project or organization;
Edit designs if necessary;
Handing over the original design to the client after completion of work.

What are the qualifications of a graphic designer?
Educational Qualifications: In graphic design, there is more emphasis on work skills than institutional qualifications. However, you can take diploma degree and certificate courses on this subject in different universities and training institutes of our country.

Age: To join an organization as a graphic designer, the age limit is determined depending on the job and the organization. However, there is no specific age for freelancing.

Experience and portfolio are predominant in this profession. Usually 1-2 years of experience comes in handy. Having a portfolio is very important for working on any big project.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a graphic designer need to have?
The type of technical knowledge depends on the project. The graphics software that usually requires expertise includes –

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PageMaker

In addition to technical knowledge, you also need to acquire some different skills.

These include:

  • Problem solving skills in creative ways;
  • To articulate a vague idea through a designer;
  • Analytical ability, which can help in observing the nuances;
  • Having the mentality of working on oneself as well as working with others;
  • Ability to handle different types of work together.

Where to study graphic design?
In our country, the opportunity to get a bachelor’s degree directly on graphic design is limited. However, there is ample opportunity to study this subject in degrees related to Fine Arts or Multimedia. However, you can gain technical knowledge of graphic design by taking diploma and certificate courses of different durations.

What is the monthly income of a graphic designer?
The income of a graphic designer can vary according to the type of work and organization. At the entry level, there is an opportunity to earn Tk. 15,000 – Tk. 20,000 from the beginning in this profession in government or non-government organization. The better your work portfolio, the higher your income. Especially outside of institutional work, there are opportunities to earn good money through freelancing.

What can a graphic designer’s career look like?
Although experience increases with experience in graphic design, there are not as many positions as in other careers. A career as an assistant graphic designer may begin at the entry level. However, if you have good knowledge about marketing, you are likely to be promoted to a senior position.

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