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How is Beauty Queen Shabana at present?

Beauty Queen Shabana at present
Beauty Queen Shabana at present

How is Beauty Queen Shabana at present?

Beauty Queen Shabana

‘I didn’t steal rice. Khida lage, khai ‘- this dialogue of famous filmmaker Amjad Hossain’s’ Bhat De’ is a cry of helplessness of a hungry man. Only a strong actress like Shabana has been able to bring such a touching dialogue to life on the screen and bring tears to the eyes of the audience. That is why the audience has been honored with the National Film Award as well. Loving Shabana’s performance, her impeccable beauty was not forgotten by her fans to give her the title of ‘Beauty Queen’.

Shabana made her film debut at the age of 9 with renowned film director Azizur Rahman. But then her name was Ratna, not Shabana. Although she was known as Ratna during her first experience of standing in front of the camera, Ehtesham later named Shabana in her film ‘Chakori’. In 1966, a new actress appeared in Bengali films. In the Urdu film ‘Chakori’, Shabana caught the eye of the audience with her fluent performance of a local girl opposite the protagonist Nadeem.

From 1966 to 1990, movies were made in her name only. Directed by Azizur Rahman in 1997, ‘Ghare Ghare Juddo’ was the last film starring 11-time National Award winning actress Shabana. The family settled in New Jersey, USA in 2000. Besides her husband, her family includes elder daughter Sumi Iqbal, younger daughter Urmi Sadiq and son Nahin Sadiq.

It was past midnight on Sunday and it was about 1 o’clock here. Popular actress Shabana, the beauty queen of Dhaliwood, is on the other end of the mobile call from America. She wanted to know the news of the situation in the country. She said, I have heard that people are being attacked more in Dhaka. Said, I wanted to come to the country in Ramadan. But Corona does not want to see the deterioration of the situation. Shabana is now in New Jersey. She said that the condition of Corona there has deteriorated a bit again. She has not been out of the house for almost a year due to Corona.

Beauty Queen said she hopes the vaccine for the epidemic has already begun. So there is nothing to fear. Now it is only necessary to follow the hygiene rules properly. She said her heart cries to stand by the helpless people of his favorite film arena and the country in this disaster. Shabana said she spends her time doing all the household chores, prayers, supplications and fasting. Word by word the night grows here. In America it was 3:30 in the afternoon. Once again, the legendary actress of Bengali film Shabana ended her speech with a message of fear for the people of the country.

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