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How was famous writer Humayun Personally?

Legend Bangladeshi Writer Humayun Ahmed
Legend Bangladeshi Writer Humayun Ahmed

Humayun Ahmed is a legend. His popularity in literature can only be compared with that of Saratchandra. Saratchandra is called an immortal novelist and Humayun Ahmed is also an immortal novelist in Bengali literature. After death, the author’s popularity did not decrease but increased, and he became permanent in literature. Humayun Ahmed has become permanent in Bengali literature. He has been gone for eight years. Sales of his books are still high at the book fair. There is no popularity around him. To watch his old plays, the audience still forgets to eat and drink in front of the television. Movies, Songs, All in all, Humayun Ahmed was a great magician. His pen was actually a magic wand. Bengali readers will be mesmerized by that magic for a long time to come wheather The viewers of TV dramas and movies will be enchanted.

But how was this magician in his personal life? The seemingly serious angry little man was very funny also. There is no comparison between his sense of art and humor. Poet Nirmalendu Gun once stood for election from his constituency. Both are from nearby areas. The symbol of Nirmalendu was the crocodile. Humayun was taken there for the election campaign. After his return, a young writer friend of Humayun Ahmed asked him, “What is the condition of Nirmalda?” He said, I have confirmed his fail in the election.

He was not at all interested in the book publishing festival. Even after that, Mazharul Islam of Annya Prakash publication organized the publishing festival of ‘Jyosna and Jananir Golpo’. Sunil Gangopadhyay came from Calcutta. From Bangladesh are Shamsur Rahman, Syed Shamsul Haque and Zafar Iqbal. The publisher wanted Asaduzzaman Nur, a friend of Humayun Ahmed, to be the presenter. Humayun Bhai said, no, The book launch event will be presented by an author. He gave the responsibility to his younger writer friend Imdadul Haq Milon. On the occasion, Shawon sang Mohini Chowdhury’s famous song ‘Muktir Mondir supan tole’. The song was playing. Humayun Ahmed stood beside the wings and began to weep profusely.

Another incident is, Readers and buyers are sitting in the stalls of the book fair. There are no people in other stalls. The then DG of Bangla Academy was annoyed to see. Going to that stall, and said to Humayun bhai, “The fair is not going to be held for you.”

Humayun Bhai did not say anything. He went home quietly. Meanwhile, the readers and publishers of Humayun Ahmed have revolted. The fair is about to close. Mr. DG ran to Humayun Ahmed’s flat and He was brought back with many requests.

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