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Messi’s four conditions to stay at Barca!

Messi’s four conditions to stay at Barca!

Messi's four conditions to stay at Barca
Messi's four conditions to stay at Barca

Messi’s four conditions to stay at Barca!
Lionel Messi is now the most talked about in the world of football. Because LM-Ten’s contract with club Barcelona is going to end this season. As a result, there is a lot of speculation about where Messi’s next destination may be. Although football analysts think that the relationship between Messi and Barca, Messi does not want to break for any small reason.

At the beginning of the current season, Messi had a disagreement with the former president of the club on various issues. He himself said that he would leave the club as he did not like the future plans of the club. Since then, various rumors have been floating in the Spanish air about Messi. Some say that Messi’s next destination is his friend Neymar’s current club PSG, while others say that not PSG, Messi can go to Manchester City of former guru Guardiola.

However, in these few months, Barcelona has changed a lot. The coach has changed, the club president has also changed. As a result, the question of whether Messi will be with the Catalans now has also arisen. Spanish media claim that Messi has agreed to end his career in Spain after Juan Laporta became president of Barca. However, the Argentine star has set four conditions for Laporta before signing a new contract for him. Although the matter is still rumored, but Messi will stay in Barca if the conditions are met! In fact, accepting these conditions is not an easy task.

Here are the four conditions given by Messi

Competitive team

Messi wants a team to be formed next season so that Barca can regain its fading dominance. The desire of this legendary footballer, the team to fight for every trophy.

Earling Holland and Sergio Aguero

Messi has personally appealed to Laporta to bring Holland and Aguero to the club. If he can take the Dutch-Aguero claim, the team will not feel the lack of Luis Suarez or Neymar.

Emphasis on La Masia

According to Messi, it is very important to create a new generation of Barca from La Masia. As a result, he wants to see many more young footballers like Ansu Fati in the senior team.

Messi to Laporta communication

Messi wants to talk directly with Barca president Laporta if there is a team or personal problem.


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