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Mosquitoes can be controlled with home remedies

Mosquitoes can be controlled with home remedies
Mosquitoes can be controlled with home remedies

Despite the authorities’ mosquito eradication program, the infestation of Culex mosquitoes in the capital has increased dramatically. The restless city dwellers are bitten by mosquitoes day and night. Aedes mosquito panic is at work in the minds of the people, so the increase in any mosquito increases the panic of the people.

Mosquitoes can be controlled with some home remedies. Mint leaves, tea leaves, lemons and cloves make mosquito repellent easy.

Lemon and Clove: Cut the lemon into two parts and build many cloves on the inside. Put the rest inside the lemon. Now place the lemon slices in a clean dish in one corner of the room. It can easily survive the mosquito infestation.

Mint leaves: Mint leaves are very effective in repelling mosquitoes. Take a little water in a glass and put a few mint plants in it and put it on the dining table. Change the water for three consecutive days. In addition to mosquitoes, many other insects are far away in the smell of mint. Boil the mint leaves and spread the smell of that water all over the house. Mosquitoes will escape in this too.

Yellow lamp: Turning yellow light in the house reduces mosquito infestation. You can wrap yellow cellophane around the electric lamp. The light color will be yellow. And because of this yellow light the mosquitoes will stay away. If you light this color every evening, you will get a lot of relief from mosquito attack.

Tea leaves: Tea leaves are very useful to reduce mosquito infestation. After using the tea leaves should be dried in the sun without discarding. Then you can use this tea leaf as incense. Burning dried tea leaves will get rid of all the mosquitoes and flies in the house quickly.

Since mosquitoes spread the virus of various diseases, protection from mosquito bites is the best way to stay away from those diseases.

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