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New face in Dhaliwood in the new year

The period of Dhaliwood is not going well. There are no good movies, the theaters are closing one after another. In the meantime, in the pictures that are being released, we had to look at the same face again and again. Among these crisis, Dhaliwood is going to get several new faces in 2021. Jannatul Ferdous Oishee, Nishat Salwa, Dighi, AK Azad Adar, Riyad Raihan and several others will be available as new actors of the central character.

Oishee became the champion in Miss World Bangladesh in 2018. In the meantime, She has finished shooting four films called Mission Extreme, Mission Extreme 2, Adam and Ratjaga Phool. Although Mission Extreme is going to be released on this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr. The rest will come in phases. Oishee thinks that her debut in Dhaliwood is a big challenge to enjoy as well as survive. “The movie industry has a lot to offer,” he said. Just because you look beautiful doesn’t mean you can’t survive here. So, you have to be understand this place, you have to be know it, you have to be useful, you have to adapt and above all you have to be survive with good performance. I am continuing that effort. ‘

Salwa is the first runner-up of the 2018 Miss World Bangladesh pageant. This is Sei Tumi Ei Tumi, Birotto and the Shwopne Dekha Rajkonna. These will be released in phases this year. Speaking about her debut, Salwa said, “I came to the cinema because I like it. However, my survival here will depend on the acceptance of the viewers after the release of the film. ‘

Dighi was very popular as a child artist. She has acted in many films including Kabuliwala, Dadima, Chachchu, Chachchu Amar Chachchu, Ek Takar Bou. Dighi, which has grown up, starring Tumi Acho Tumi Nei and Tungiparar Mia Bhai, will be released on March 12. She is going to make her debut as a ‘heroine’ from a child artist through these two films. Dighi said, ‘There is no new face in Dhaka cinema for a long time. The arrival of new artists is good for the movie, good for the audience. The viewer has been seeing the same face for a long time. The new faces will give the movie audience a different taste. But what does Dighi think about surviving here? She said, ‘After the release of the film, if the viewers like the work of the newcomers, the directors will be interested in them. If you don’t like it, you will drop out.

Fair and Handsome: The Ultimate Man Champion AK Azad Adar hosted by Channel I in 2014. He will make his film debut as a ‘hero’ this year. He has finished shooting four films called Princess, Scream, Liberation and Live. These will be released in phases in 2021. Reacting, Adar said, “I came to the cinema with high expectations. I know, you have to survive here with acting rather there is no other way. I am optimistic about all the work I have done. ‘

There are many more on the list of debutantes. Riyadh Raihan, one of the top five contestants in Fair and Handsome: The Ultimate Man, is making his debut as a ‘hero’ in this film. Yash Rohan made his debut in 2018 with Swapnajal but he did not become a regular. This year he will have a new journey in Dhaliwood. He will be seen in the central character in two films named Paran and Adam.

However, these young people need good directors and producers to survive. Otherwise, the dreams and possibilities of young actors may end in the beginning. Adar thinks that the news of the release of their pictures should reach the viewers. This requires proper publicity and strategy. On the other hand, Oishee thinks that if there are more good artists, there will be more work, there will be more competition, and industry will be well settled.

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