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New opportunity to get a resident card in Spain

New opportunity to get a resident card in Spain
New opportunity to get a resident card in Spain

New opportunity to get a resident card in Spain.

New opportunities for immigrants to become regulars in Spain have been created. In fact Spanish citizenship can be obtained more easily. Anyone who has lived in Spain for two years can apply for a resident card on easy terms with a minimum six-month proof of tenure. In this case no contract will be required. Evidence of less than six months of work will be considered relaxation in the case of minimum work. March 25 Supreme Court judgment [https://jf-abogados.com/] These instructions have been given.

With this new announcement, thousands of paper-seeking expatriates will be freed from suffering and harassment. In this, political asylum seekers, students, job visas, those who have worked in various ways including Tarketa Kumunutario, will get this opportunity. Corruption-irregularities in work contracts and harassment of contracts with more money will largely stop. In addition, the length and complexity of the application of immigrant-aspirants will be reduced.

In addition, the Spanish language learning course will be much relaxed. Those who get this opportunity under arrigo leboral will be able to show 8 or 4 hour tenure in any six months of two years of stay in Spain. No contract will be required. However, the general regularization procedure is the same as in Aarigo Social, which requires you to apply for a three-year stay in Spain with a police clearance and a work contract.

Various political organizations and human rights organizations have been calling for Spain to declare immigrants. Spain has not decided to give immigrants in bulk due to various obligations of the European Union. Although the current Socialist Party-led government has always been immigrant-friendly. Announced general regularization on easy terms in 2005, which was the latest. They also wanted the immigrants to get the opportunity to give in such a way on easy terms. In this case, the European Union did not stand as an obstacle.

Although the Arigo Leboral system has been in place since 2011 (red-557/2011), most have not been able to take advantage of this opportunity due to legal complications. Due to this simplification, it has now opened new doors for many immigrant-aspirants.

According to private sources, there are about 10,000 Bangladeshis out of about 200,000 immigrants.

Kamruzzaman Sundar, general secretary of the Bangladesh Association in Spain, said it was a landmark decision. This will benefit many suffering Bangladeshis. Russell Hawlader, president of the Spain-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, commented that the demands of those who have been protesting for a long time were reflected.

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