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Publishers are awaiting for Friday

Book lovers in a wide range of comfort
Book lovers in a wide range of comfort

Publishers are awaiting for Friday.
Since the start of Ekushey Book Fair in this year, there has been a little crowd on Independence Day, i.e. March 26. Such a scene has never been seen before or after. Publishers have to spend time counting the days, not selling books. Several stalls have also closed in frustration. But the surviving publishers are now waiting for the holidays ahead. Their hope is that the next Friday-Saturday and the last day of the fair at first Boishakh, the crowd will increase.

They say that in the last two days after the start of the lockdown, they thought that if public transport was introduced, the number of visitors to the fair would increase even a little. But even though the public transport was running on the 21st day of the fair on Wednesday, the gathering of book lovers did not take place as expected. Thus, people are busy from 12 noon to 5 pm. So no one seems to be able to come to the fair at this time except on holidays. It is learned that the closed stalls may reopen if the fair become houseful from next holiday. Sheikh Shahrul Alam, head of publishing house Bandhan, said, “I hope there will be a public gathering at the fair on Friday.” So we look forward to Friday.

Meanwhile, one of the premises of the fair, Suhrawardy, is also in a drought condition on the premises of Bangla Academy. Although there are great research books, essays and books on the subject, no one is bothering. The people who are coming to the fair are not going there out of curiosity. Joy Sen, a salesman at the Muktadhara stall, a publishing house on the Bangla Academy premises, said they have some books on the liberation war, which are very important. For example, Ramendu Majumdar’s ‘My Bangladesh My Bangladesh’, Sirajul Islam Chowdhury’s ‘Tajuddin Ahmed’s Political Life’, Selina Hossain’s ‘Teenage Story of the Liberation War’ and Ahmed Chafar’s ‘Jagrata Bangladesh’. Stories and novels include Gajendra Kumar Mitra’s ‘Poush Faguner Pala’ and Maitreyi Devi’s ‘Mongpute Rabindranath’.

Books on history and culture include Satyen Sen’s ‘Story of the Great Revolt’ and ‘The War of Spices’. Similarly, the reader is still drawn to Annadashankar’s epic ‘Pathe Prabase’. In addition, children’s books and some science books are selling well. Meanwhile, 69 new books came to the fair yesterday. Today is Thursday, the 22nd day of the fair. The fair will run from 12 noon to 5 pm.

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