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Pure water supply business

Pure water supply business
Pure water supply business

Pure water supply business.
A minimum of Tk 10 lakh to 15 lakh is required to own a water treatment plant. In this case, if your capital is less, then you can be a distributor of water instead of owning a factory. For this you first need to contact the water factory and the organization that supplies the water. If you want to be a distributor of these organizations, you have to make an agreement with them. For the contract, the distributor must have a trade license, a pad with name and address, and a designated place for storing water jars. However, in the case of this business, first of all, your acquaintance is in the area where you will do business.

How to get started
After preparing the contract and paperwork with the factory owner, one has to go to various fast food shops, restaurants, department stores, tea shops in the area and take water demand and order. Then you have to buy a jar. Determine the amount of jar depending on your capital and the water demand of the area in which you will do business. But at first you can start a business with 50 jars. Of these, 25 jars will be used for business, and the remaining 25 jars will be used to fetch water from the factory. You can later increase the amount as needed. There are different types of jars available in the market. Each stomach jar will cost 200 to 250 tk, and PC jar will cost 400 to 500 tk.

Pet and PC jars are available wholesale in Dhaka’s Stadium Market, New Market, Gulistan and other areas. This time customers have to buy vans as per the requirement for water supply. These vans are usually available for Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000. Lastly you have to hire some workers for the overall work including fetching water from the factory, looking after the warehouse, supplying water to the customers.

Cash Capital
You can start a business only if you buy a water jar, rent a warehouse, buy a van and start with 3 lakh to 5 lakh taka. But it will depend on the needs of your capital, business scope and area.

There are some basic things to keep in mind when running such a business. First, the right quality of water must be ensured. Second, customers need to supply water at the right time. Third, if a problem is found in a jar, it should be replaced immediately. Fourth, employees who can bring orders and deliver water must treat customers well. Their misuse is enough to ruin all your hard work data business. So you can confirm this by going to the customers from time to time.

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