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Stop selling at kg

Stop selling at kg
Stop selling at kg

Stop selling at kg.
Like all other products, if the supply of agricultural products is low, the price will go up, a fact that consumers usually take for granted. But when it is seen with the naked eye that the middlemen buy from the farmers at low prices and increase the prices in the retail market through manipulation, then it causes public outrage. The recent sale of watermelons at per kg in retail markets across the country has angered consumers.

According to the Agriculture Marketing Act 2018, there is a provision that a maximum of Tk. 10 per kg can be earned in the case of fruits. However, in the case of watermelon, as a special instruction, it has been said that the profit of watermelon cannot be more than three to five taka per kg. And the wholesalers have to sell in the same way as they buy kg or pieces from the farmers.

As it turns out, watermelon traders are buying from farmers as pieces. But they are selling the watermelon at the price of kg by breaking the agricultural marketing law. Buyers in the retail market are being forced to buy watermelons at Tk. 50 to Tk. 60 per kg. The average price of each watermelon is about 500 Taka. But those watermelon traders are buying from farmers for 100 to 150 taka. This means that in the marketing of this manipulation, the farmer is being cheated at a lower price and extra money is being taken by cheating from the consumer.

It is only because of this syndicate that watermelon has gone out of reach of people this Ramadan. Hopefully, the government is already conducting mobile court raids in various markets to keep the watermelon market stable and several traders have already been fined for violating the law. The campaign needs to be intensified to prevent anarchy in the watermelon market and to be more vocal against these traders socially.

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