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The people of that island have forgotten to die!

The people of that island have forgotten to die
The people of that island have forgotten to die

The people of that island have forgotten to die!
About 30 miles off the Turkish coast is the Greek island of Icaria, east of the Mediterranean. The world’s oldest people live on this island. The average life expectancy is 100 years. Everyone on this island is a centenarian!

Studies have shown that about 80 percent of Icarian men aged 65-100 are sexually active. Depression, dementia, cancer and heart disease are also much lower. They enjoy sex even after turning 100 years old. 100-year-old Gereziris Tasahas has been smoking one pack of cigarettes daily for 60 years. Apart from the problem of appendicitis, he has not contracted any serious disease in the last 100 years. There are many more like him on Icaria Island.

Greece has many mountains. However, the distance between them and the Icaria Islands is a lot. Because people there live 10 years longer than the population of other islands and the mainland. Impossibly beautiful island Icaria is a mountainous area. There are settlements in steep valleys. This hilly area attracts tourists at different times of the year. Everyone is fascinated by the beauty there. Many tourists find the meaning of life by visiting the houses and mountainous environment scattered in the steep valley by the sea.

A study by Dr. Christina Krishoho, a cardiologist at the University of Athens Medical School, reveals the secret to the longevity of Icarians. Icarians have a high concentration of vegetables and beans in their diet and do not eat too much meat or refined sugary foods. They regularly consume red wine (in small quantities), potatoes and goat’s milk.

He also thinks that Icarians drink a lot of herbal tea and a small amount of coffee. Which maintains their good health. They eat very low calorie foods every day. They are not accustomed to Western life at all. Icarians have a habit of getting a little sleep every afternoon. Regular naps reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 40 percent.

Studies have also shown that Icarians do a lot of physical exercise. Men and women all cultivate their own land. Besides, they are skilled in all the activities of raising mountains regularly, including raising animals. Even at the age of 100, they can climb 100 stairs in an instant.

News Source: https://www.bd-pratidin.com/mixter/2021/02/24/621915

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