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Why did Ibn Battuta call Bengal a ‘hell full of abundance’?

Ibn battuta in Bengal
Ibn battuta in Bengal

Why did Ibn Battuta call Bengal a ‘hell full of abundance’?
After spending forty-three long nights at sea, we reached Bengal. This huge country produces a lot of rice. I have not seen any country in the world where the price of goods is lower than in Bengal. On the other hand, this is a dark country. The people of Khorasan say that Bengal is a hell full of good things. I have seen eight fat fresh chickens for one dirham and one fat fresh sheep for two dirhams being sold here. A beautiful slave girl is sold here for one gold dinar. “- Ibn Battuta

He did not say why the people of Khorasan call Bengal hell. Darkness is also incomprehensible. Khorasanis may not have been able to withstand the rains of Bengal in dry weather, so hell and swamps have been called the land of darkness.
There may be many more reasons to call Bengal hell. two reasons in it

1) Less than one percent of the total number of migrants who came to India came to the mainland of Bengal. Most of them reach North Bengal via Assam and Bihar and Orissa in Uttar Pradesh. Although at that time there was something else in those places. This is because the writings of many travelers show that they were more likely to die of malaria, cholera, and spring malaria. Foreigners had less ability to prevent these diseases So they avoided the original Bengal and since there was a real fear of death, they thought of this region as hell.

2) Bengal was less addicted to Hinduism than other parts of India. Only nine hundred years ago, Buddhism and Dharma Tagore had more influence here There were a lot of non-vegetarian people on it It was not compatible with other parts of India Religious gurus in other parts of the world therefore looked down on the people of the region and considered them to be hellish. The effect of this can be found in the writings and descriptions of the pilgrims.

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