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Young man is getting a job in Arang after criticism!

Young man is getting a job in Arang after criticism!
Young man is getting a job in Arang after criticism!

The video is viral, the young man is getting a job in Arang after criticism!
Arang (BRAC) authorities have offered Imran Hossain Limon, a young man who went viral on social media Facebook, a job in a showroom in Dhaka’s Tejgaon. They were accused of not giving jobs because they had beards. However, after a written apology to the media, Arang offered Limon a job on Tuesday (March 16th).

Public Relations Officer Redwan Ahmed informed about the matter from the media cell of Arang. However, many believe that some of the young scholars and religious people of Sylhet have played a significant role in creating the goodwill of Arang in hiring Limon. It is believed that the Arang authorities were moved by their ‘movement’.

A young man named Imran Hossain Limon uploaded a video on Facebook last Friday alleging that he was not given a job in a showroom in Arang in Dhaka’s Tejgaon area due to his beard. The 8-minute video later went viral on social media.

In the video, Limon says, “Recently, I dropped my CV for the position of salesman in several showrooms including Arang, Sailor, Gentle Park.” On Friday I was called to Tejgaon for an interview in Arang. I was wearing a mask during the interview. Those who were there, I answered all their questions correctly. Seeing their words and postures at the end of the interview, it seemed that they would take me, they were satisfied with my words.

But as they were leaving, they told me to stand up. They might see a beard on the side of my mask. They told me, ‘Open the mask.’ As soon as I opened the mask, they said, ‘We’re really sorry (we’re really sorry).’ I said, ‘Why, what happened?’ They said, ‘We can’t confirm you. If you can shave clean, then we have confirmed your job here, God willing. ‘

“People in Arang told me, ‘Our Arang rules are that you have to shave clean if you want to do a salesman’s job,'” Limon said. I tell them when I come back, then I will not do this job. I was going to say that. But I go back to them again. I tell them that I am very needy. Can I be given the job in any way? They say, “No, it’s not in the rules of Arang.”

Meanwhile, a storm of criticism erupted on Facebook after the video went viral. At the same time, in front of the Arang show-room on Jail Road in Sylhet city, a human chain and protest program was called under the banner of ‘Sachetan Alem Samaj of Sylhet’ at 11 am on Monday.

Hundreds of scholars, students and devout Muslims in Sylhet protested against the Dhaka incident by demonstrating in front of the Arang showroom on Jail Road at 11am on Monday as per the announced program.

During the program, the speakers said that Abu Jahl, Nimrod and Pharaoh could not survive in the world by insulting Islam. Over time, they have been destroyed. Arang will also be destroyed for making fun of the circumcised beard of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Therefore, the Arang authorities should immediately move away from such a position and attitude. Otherwise, the countrymen will be called to boycott all the products of Arang.

Arang authorities, on the other hand, issued a written statement on Monday on the emerging situation. In that statement, they expressed their sorrow for the incident. They also said in a statement that they would be vigilant to prevent similar incidents in the future.

After all, the Arang authorities offered Limon a job at the Tejgaon showroom on Tuesday.

Redwan Ahmed, an official of the media cell in Arang, said that the young man had been offered a job by phone. If he wants, he can work in Tejgaon showroom.

Mentioning that there is no negative condition regarding beard in the employment policy of Arang, Redwan Ahmed said, “We are questioning those who were on the interview board that day.” If necessary, it will be brought under punishment.

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