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YouTube made by Bangladeshi youth

YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim
YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim

YouTube made by Bangladeshi youth!
The Year was 2005. Experts say that the biggest head behind the opening of YouTube was computer-magician Jawed, Harley and Chan used to watch the business side more. That’s why most people didn’t know Jawed’s name. He said he preferred to be a non-government adviser to the company. When three friends sold YouTube to Google at a huge price in 2006, the tech world finally knew Jawed Karim’s name.

In 2005, Jawed Karim, Saad Harley and Steve Chan created the popular video exchange website YouTube. YouTube is now the best site in the world for video upload and play. Millions of users from different countries of the world are using this video uploading site YouTube. Bangladeshi Ambassador Jawed Karim represented Bangladesh in the list of inspiring stars in the young society of the world. He was involved in creative work from an early age. His special interest in technology was working. In addition to YouTube, he has invented a number of projects, including portable three-dimensional graphics, Solving Dad puzzles, 3D spring simulations, robotic webcams, radiocity engines, Ray-Tracer, Life 3D, Quack 2 model viewers.

Jawed Karim was born and raised in Germany. In 1992, they immigrated to the United States with their families. They are currently residents of the United States. Although he grew up in Noise, formerly West Germany, he was forced to move to Minnesota in 1992 with his parents because of racism. It was Jawed who uploaded the first video in the history of YouTube, ‘Me at the Zoo’, on April 23, 2005. So far, 6.1 crore people have watched the video.

Karim started his business in 1998 by doing an internship in Silicon Graphics. But Jawed did not have the mentality to survive in one job for long. In the year 2000, the student Jawed suddenly got a idea. He left campus just before graduation and became a fan of PayPal. Addicted to doing new things all the time, the tech-crazy boy didn’t mind just working on PayPal. But one thing was beneficiary. While working at PayPal, Jawed had a conversation with Saad Harley and Steve Chan. Ever since then, three friends have been thinking, how many types of videos are there, new-old-song-game-movie-personal experience, how much more! If a platform can be built to highlight them!  YouTube was created by bringing a ‘paradigm shift’ in technology.

This rare brain did not agree to engage with YouTube in order to finish his studies. He did not miss the opportunity to do a Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University. Technician himself, but the 40-year-old person reluctance on social media. Don’t use Facebook-Twitter, not even Instagram-Flickr. Although he has his own YouTube channel, suddenly posted there.

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